Two photographs,

three generations,

a single family.


This is the essence

of Modernindustria.

Of course, every individual person who works with the Giorgio Collection is important.What we have created around us is the result of more than 40 small companies, the majority from the Brianza area and with a strong vocation for cabinet making, many of which have already been working exclusively for Nuova Modernindustria Design for many years now..


But at the heart is a single family.

The Masolo family.

"But daddy, the sun is still sleeping",

we complained.

"To get ahead, you need to

start out first",

they told us.


This is how we grew up.

The traditions of this land have always centred around wood and furniture. But, just as in all things, you need to reach a certain level of skill, professionalism, a precision which can make us feel proud protagonists in the Italian furniture sector. Acquire that innate sense of the beautiful and genuine able to distinguish an excellent product from one which is… just good. So, cultivating the culture of top level furniture, we have grown year after year.

Switzerland for watches,

South Africa for diamonds,

France for champagne.


Our furniture talks

the language of the Brianza.

The Brianza area (located between the north of Milan and Como) has been the cradle of Italian furniture for centuries now. It has accumulated values, skills, a quest for the beautiful, experience absolutely unique anywhere in the world. This is where you will find the most exclusive Italian style and design. When we talk of Nuova Modernindustria Design, in other words, the Giorgio Collection, we are talking about Brianza. We are talking of a great evolution and extraordinary skills. We are talking of Italian refinement and taste.

We are talking about us.

Giorgio's is

an extraordinary story.


It began in 1982…

All great companies start life with the ingenious ideas of designers - new, successful, intriguing, fascinating ideas. Our collections are born under a lucky star from this point of view. Giorgio immediately brought new energy, a sense of the precious and of luxury, the creation of an absolutely original style inspired by the most perfect deco, reworked, brought up to date and made even more elegant. This is the "GIORGIO COLLECTION" style.




And make.

"Italian thought". A guarantee throughout the world. Our collections can already be counted in hundreds, after 50 years of success. And we continue day after day, to imagine, create, design… and make as only we know how

We have always arrived first

at the really important appointments.


It is in our genes.

Since we were set up in 1956, we have taken part in trade fairs throughout the world. Always in the  front line… whether with stands in Milan or High Point in North Carolina (where we have taken part without a break for twenty years with a 1000 m2building), or the first at Crocus in Moscow. This is also typical of Italian style, proudly showing off what we have designed & made. For example, in our exclusive showroom at 200 Lexington Avenue, New York, in London, Japan, Canada or even Russia.

Our love is deeply rooted:


we really did grow up in a

generous land.

Being pioneers does not exclude care and love for craftsmen's finishes, the search for particular veining, high quality woods, refined combinations, luxury blends of burl, wood, steel, cast components, lines in leather, or ceramics with pure platinum. In the words of the poet, a man is what he gives.We are children of this land. Many have realised this, from Harrod's in London to Beverly Hills…

Particularly in wood,

beauty is most evident in the details.


It has always been this way…

The Italian way of making furniture is very old. An atavistic knowledge, transmitted from craftsman to craftsman, from father to son. Styles change, new technology arrives to help us out, but it is always the hand of man which counts. Always his culture. Always his love for this pure and noble material.

The roots of Italian style go back a long way…

For us,

"hand made"

is not just

a turn of speech.

When making a piece of top quality furniture, you can never relax for a moment. Each instant, each process, is essential. Of course, today the machines are an exceptional help. But we can never abandon the delicate touch which can only come from the hand of man. All our joiners know the wood like the back of their hand, they understand the individual characteristics of a living creature, love its smell, caress its veins gently. Bring out its full potential. Choose. We think it is only right and proper that, here, our family should pay tribute to their skill with a heartfelt thank you to all our joiners.

We created a style when style

did not even exist.


And we communicated

it successfully.

Being good at making products is not enough.You must also know how to communicate them. For the Giorgio Collection, advertising is fundamental, through our advertisements in leading décor magazines throughout the world, the beauty of our products has reached the eyes of interior designers, or  those who choose for their own home, buyers or the most exclusive and highly qualified sales outlets.

And the market continues

to smile on us today.


A good cup of coffee

and on with the work!

A typically Italian habit, coffee.As typically Italian as Giorgio Collection furniture. Then straight away down to work with constancy, skill and that commitment we owe our success in the world to. Fifty years after our founding, we wanted to share our values with you.


We wanted to let you see our company from yourselves. From all of us here at Seregno. Perhaps enjoying a cup of espresso coffee.



NEW YORK, NY 10016

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